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What factor pushes the globalization?

National or global values?

At traditional Saturday club of “Center for Civil development – Globalizing Azerbaijan” (QASIM) the theme of "Alternative culture" was on agenda of discussion.
Co-chairman of QASIM Anar Asadbeyli gave short briefing on the theme and had offered to participants to discuss around two sub-headings: "Values: at global and national contexts” and "Prospectus of development of Postmodernism in Azerbaijan”.
Let us note that well-known writers, critics and some scientist had been invited to the discussion. Critic, founder of "YeniSi" Creative Impressions Virtual center Tehran Alishanoglu, Chairman of Free writers union Rasim Qaraca, doctor of theological sciences Shain Ahmedoglu, editor-in-chief of the newspaper of "Kino+" Sharif Agayar, young critic Qan Tural, doctor of economic sciences Akber Eldaroglu, poet, editor-in-chief of “Milli yol” newspaper Elnur Astanbeyli, Executive Director of QASIM poet Zahir Azamat and others have expressed their thoughts on the themes.

Akbar Eldaroglu analysed the theme from the economical aspect. A.Eldaroglu noted that new values came with knowledge and new technologies, said that economic and political freedoms stay at the head of new values and that this process is inevitable.
Sahin Ahmedoglu tried to consider three choice opportunity against the globalization under the conception of “”Alternative culture": Turkish, Oriental and Islam cultures Doctor of theological sciences, giving preference to Islam culture did not forget that he means not the religious form of Islam that formed in the impressions off people but real Islam.
Same position was expressed by Sharif Agayar. He asked “What can be put in front of globalization” and told that hi is anxious on national values will be erased from our society.
But Elnur Astanbeyli opposed this thought and told that such thoughts will put our society back.
But Tehran Alishanoglu said that he afraid of Azerbaijan may lose experience, energy that he accumulated fro so many years and that he could not express. Any process that occurs in the world reaches to Azerbaijan, too and shows its influence. All these experiences are gathered and remain inside of Azerbaijan and pass traceless. This energy must express itself sooner or later. But what will give us losing of the valuable experience and in general, is it necessary for us?”.
But Zahir Azamat told that it is necessary to approach to “alternative culture” conception from more different aspect. According to his opinion, alternative culture is system of new values that oppose prevailing cultural cults in the society. Z.Azamat told that already new values are created and presently available values are remainders of soviet values in the society. "No one should dare of coming of new values and as one independent state we must have own values and it would be better is these values were in conformity with processes on modern world and global values" completed the writer his thought.
Participants told that broadness of the theme and its many-field feature had decided to continue the discussion in future, too.

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