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What factor pushes the globalization?


Non-participation of Azerbaijan in 36th World Economic Forum arranged at the end of January in mountain settlement of the Switzerland Davos did not involve attention of the press and community in the background of “bird flu".
Let us remember that 15 head of states, 60 ministers, heads of 735 companies from 89 states, in general 2340 representatives joined this event in Davos.
Non-participation of Azerbaijan in this event, which plays exclusive role in defining of global strategy, making future development perspectives of the world not just from economical but from other aspects, too caused many questions
To study the questions “Civil Development Centre- Globalizing Azerbaijan” (QASIM) had arranged in Saturday a discussion around the theme “Davos Forum and Azerbaijan” in its office located at 59 Karabakh str. Well-known economist- scientists of the country, political scientists and number of young specialists had been invited to the discussion. Co-chairman of the QASİM Anar Asadbeyli had opened the event and gave a brief information about the Davos Forum and participation of Azerbaijan in this event and then participants had shared their views on the theme. Doctor of Economic Sciences Akber Eldaroglu had talked about the new economic structure of the world and touched maters that were discussed at this year in World Economic Forum, too. Economist- scientist noted that the knowledge is fifth and the main factor of the production and proved it by citing real figures. Capital investment made in the USA in knowledge is twice more than investments made in oil and gas sector, and he made parallels with Azerbaijan. He told that it will take a lot of time for Azerbaijan to be key participant in Davos Forum. The professor Zahid Mamedov had diverted the attention on reasons of problem and he emphasized that knowledge people in Azerbaijan are not evaluated properly. Political scientist Zardusht Alizade continued the theme too and also noted that Azerbaijan is not yet ready for joining such discussions and he also remarked that it will not realized even in near future. The chief adviser of investments dept. of Ministry of Economic development Ayaz Qadirov informed that presently the investigations were started in this direction by the instruction of new administration of the Ministry to find out the reasons.
Many persons had expressed their views in the discussions which continued for three hours, too.
Let us note that the given debates were arranged at "Saturday Club" started activity at QASIM. It is planned to arrange discussions, live forums around the theme and problems in the "Saturday Club". This week "Saturday Club" plans to discuss the theme of "Education system and reforms in Azerbaijan" with participation of the specialists.

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