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The “Saturday Club” created at “Center for Civil development – Globalizing Azerbaijan” (QASIM) had gathered to its second meeting and the theme discussed this time in the club was “Education system of Azerbaijan: reforms”
Let us note that Ministry of Education prepares for the application of the results of new training covering classes of I-IV, V-IX and X-XI from academic year of 2007. First answer came namely from Saturday Club of QASIM to the Ministry of Education which informed about interest in the discussion of the results of mentioned training.
Department head of the Ministry of Education Aydin Ahmedov, Deputy Director of Institute of education problems Anvar Abbasov, teacher of Baku State University Emin Aliyev, doctor of theology Shahin Ahmedoglu, director of "Praqma" center Taleh Shahsuvarlı, candidate of sciences Farahat Dayyanov, journalist Zamina Alikızı, well-known pedagogue Tofiq Nasirov, chairman of the organization of new writers and artists Aydin Khan and etc had joined the meeting.
Co-chairman of the QASİM Anar Asadbeyli opened the discussion and at the beginning he had given brief information on modern education system and Bologna process, which was joined by Azerbaijan officially. A.Asadbeyli pointed out that the process of implementation of minimum conditions of Bologna process by 2010 goes very slowly and to prove his statement A.Asadbeyli informed about some reports and analysis in this regard.
Department head of the Ministry of Education Aydin Ahmedov gave broad information about the “National curriculum” and then discussion on the theme was begun.
And if participants emphasized the satisfactory level of new training results from theoretical view-point but they informed that there is a need in some other reforms in parallel, too. So preparation of staff directly participating at gaining of new training results, compiling of the new textbooks which answer to modern standards, provision of schools with technical equipments and inevitability of strengthening of the material base of schools etc matters were discussed at meeting. But arising one more question was connected with taking into account the individual qualities of pupils at result of general trainings.
Recommendation of the discussion participants was that results of new training should be applied not directly on all classes but starting from first class.
Let us remember that Saturday Club arranged by QASIM is dedicated to discussion of various problems, themes and tendencies.
This week the theme of the Saturday Club will be "Alternative culture: esthetic transformations”. Though joining the discussion is under invitation but anybody feel free to join discussion as listener.

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