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What factor pushes the globalization?


For instance, General Motors of the USA has over 100 thousand suppliers companies, scattered to all world. Also Mercedes company of the Germans, Peugeot, Renault companies of the French. Such giants like British Petroleum, Chevron, EXON-MOBİL, SAİPEM, and TOTAL-FİNA-ELF professionalized in developing in the world oil and gas fields and transportation of oil and gas now do not get into boundaries of one state.

For last 30-35 years with strengthening of economic and social links among countries, elimination of polarization, which was a cause of ideological differences the World steps in the new process, i.e. globalization. The globalization beginning with the liberalization in financial markets and development in the information

Madeleine Albright: «We have to turn the globalization to a reality of better life»
The 5th World Congress of Chambers of Commerce at Lutfi Kırdar Conference and Exhibition palace with hosting of TOBB began its work in Istanbul city of the Turkey. TOBB chief M.Rıfat Hisarcıkıoğlu, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of US Madeleine Albright, head of world federation of chambers Rona Yırcalı, ICC head Markos Vallenberq and his assistant Viktor Fung etc had participated at the conference.

Processes occurring in the world unambiguously show that the development strategy of the mankind will be defined namely by globalization in the XXI century in considerable degree. It is lawful, because we have stepped on the new era sounded in new style and having the new sense as a problem faced by the mankind in the form of Shakespeare rhetorical question “to be or not to be” first time in the history.

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