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What factor pushes the globalization?

Time of information

The globalization is not only a carrier of the new economical and political values, also is system of cultural values forming the man of the new era. This system is influencing on thinking and knowledge of human generations, having been formed for centuries, and millenniums and is editing comprehensively.

While industry era goes away the world advances gradually to knowledge society. Innovations happening in the information and telecommunication technologies within last years have been a cause for changing of the essence of the conception of some terms in the economy in the micro and macro levels.

Discussions about emerging of new economy together with new era actualize the question on how far renewed Azerbaijan is from new century.
According to information of the United Nations (UN), from point of view of creation of electronic government Azerbaijan was ranked 78th among 133 countries.

Approximately 100-200 thousand years ago people called by science as “Neanderthals’ lived in the Europe, looked like today’s hero Hollywood star Schwarzenegger. They could use systematically from fire, to make stone tools and spears, to hunt for goat and deer. According to sayings to bury deceased men separately or in group was inherited by us from them.

One of the most important innovations of the XX century has been electronization of the capital. We already live in the century when a capital makes 3 turns around the world for 15 seconds.
Today states can not supervise on capital. However, national states cannot already supervise the information, too.

One of such classifications which is accepted more among scientific auditorium is a classification of famous futurist Alvin Toffler
Toffler had shown main transformations in social structure of the historical process in three waves and had defined a turning point of these waves.

Famous futurist Alvin Toffler says that with application of “Agrarian Revolution” (the first wave) using the force of animal in production, with application of "Industrial Revolution" (the second wave) using the arm force (physical labor) and finally with application of brain force “Knowledge Revolution”

Because, conditions of the economical success will be different from the future of the past. Well-known English economical commentator Hamish McRae especially emphasizes this point in book where he explained the world of 2020. According to McRae old economical growth motors like land,

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