International Award


What factor pushes the globalization?


1. Theme: Modern education standards

I Guest: (on economic aspects of modern education) economic expert:

II Guest: Professor Nizami Jafarov

Final talk: Representative of Ministry of Education and Education Commission of Parliament

Topic: New education models

2. Theme: Preparation of information society

I Guest: Doctor of economics, Akber Eldaroglu

II Guest: Chairman of Information and Technologies Osman Gunduz

Link with Turkey: candidate for doctor degree of Istanbul University Khazar Bashirov

Tpoic: Regarding TUNIS Summit on preparation for information society and joined by Azerbaijan, too

Final talk: Representative of Ministry Communication and IT

3. Theme: Corruption

I Guest: (political aspects) Chairman of Center Political Innovations and Technologies, political scientist Mubariz Ahmedoglu

II Guest: (legal aspects) Chairman of legal dept of QASİM, member of Bar of AR Khalid Bagırov

Link with studio (economic aspects): expert of İ Virtual researches center, candidate for doctor degree of Istanbul University İlkin Sabiroglu

Topic: Research on situation with corruption in the world countries

4. Theme: Garabagh problem

I Guest - (from regional cooperation aspect) political scientist Hikmet Hajizade;

II Guest (Alternative solution options) MP Fazil Qazanfaroglu;

Links with studio ( Comparative solution of Cyprus problem): professor of İstanbul University, newspaper writer, head of Z author program of Star TV Mehmet Altan

Topic: Statistics on economic damages of Garabagh war

5. Theme: Alternative music

I Guest: Organizer of numerous international festivals related to alternative music, participant, composer Elmir Mirzayev;

II Guest: arts critic Aydın Talıbzade;

Topic: Researches on revelations of global culture in Azerbaijan

Link: Young Iranian composer, winner of numerous musical competitions on alternative music Mahammad Ansari

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