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What factor pushes the globalization?

Program: "TRIANGLE"

Theme: Modern education systems and Azerbaijan

Primary scenario

Heading of program (computer graphics)- 10-15 sec.

I presenter "guy”.
II presenter "girl”.

I presenter: Good evening, dear spectators! Today Public television and Radio broadcasting Company together with Civil Development Center of Globalizing Azerbaijan came to you with one new TV project of intellectual orientation.

II presenter: This new TV project called Triangle will be presented to you by me Anar Asadbeyli and Gunel Movlud . We will try to investigate any new problem of Azerbaijan at every our new program, and will look for its solution ways. Our goal: to discuss ideas, thoughts and problems.

I presenter: Our first theme is called Modern education systems and Azerbaijan. What will happen during the program and what and who, will you listen? First of all, we invite you to watch one small advertisement based on basic points of program.

Advertisement- 30 sec.

I presenter: Today Azerbaijan occupies 91st place for index of human development. One of the problems of and may be foremost, it is the education system that does not meet the modern demands of Azerbaijan. The world already had stepped on the phase of perfect education.

II presenter: The demand of modern era shows that the science will be the biggest struggle source challenging the world peoples in XXI century. Forms of earning incomes in the world had already been changed. In this century the people that can invest and create the novelties will be able to compete.

I presenter: Whether Azerbaijan and its education system is ready for demands of new era? Though the answer of this question is clear since the first look we will try to talk about bold facts and figures.

II presenter: After watching the TV topic prepared by the creation staff of the program
The real situation will be clear. After the topic the interesting discussion will be held with our guests invited at studio. Keep watching on us.

(In the topic the talk is about the school No 132, wherefrom the topic was prepared by the H.Aliyev Foundation, about its hard condition. Mainly the talk is about material- technical equipping of the Azerbaijani schools and the computerization problem is focused. The comparison with world countries is done. " 6 min)

I presenter: So, we introduce you our guests.

- Representative of H.Aliyev Foundation: ________________________________
- Representative of Japan Embassy in our country:

Main points discussed by guests and answer that will be replied by them:
1. What kind of works have been done in the modern education system and what projects were implemented?
2. The process of construction of new schools is goes in Azerbaijan today on state education program. H.Aliyev Foundation and Japan Embassy in Azerbaijan also take an active part in this process. Moreover Islam Development Fund had allotted credits to Azerbaijan for these purposes. But if to take into account that just 200 new schools were built in Azerbaijan for last 7 years and over 1000 schools are in bad conditions, then are you satisfied with such conditions of education system?
3. From one side some schools are computerized. But from other side there are not primary conditions in many schools for having education conditions. Doesn’t it push the deepening of current problem?
4. What does the Japanese experience say? (addressed to representative of Japan embassy)
5. What way outs do you offer?

The block is ended. The passage to the second phase of the program is done by giving the heading of program.

II presenter: While talking about problems of Azerbaijani education system it is not enough to talk just about secondary schools. Though the secondary schools play a role of base but the final picture is seen at higher education institutions. Before presenting you our next guest to talk about this problem we want to bring to your attention one of interesting study carried out by well known Chinese Shanghai Jiao Tong University prepared since 2003 and accepted seriously by all the world. Among 500 best universities of the world, the rating of which was prepared by Chinese experts just two universities from former soviet republics, Moscow State University and Saint Petersburg University were included in the list for last year analysis. But among 500 best universities 168 were from the USA, 40 from England and Germany, 34 from Japan. Two Universities from Turkey - İstanbul University and Hacittepe University were included in the list

I presenter: According to the list 8 universities from first 10 best were from the USA, 2 from England. These are the first 10 best Universities in the world among 500: Harvard University (USA), Cambridge University (England), Stanford University (USA), California-Berkeley University (USA), Massachusetts Technology Institute (USA), California Technology Institute (USA), Columbia University (USA), Princeton University (USA), Chicago University (USA) and Oxford University (England). (the list is demonstrated in the screen in parallel).

II presenter: One of the attractive points in the list is this 500 universities belong to 36 countries. The good performance of the 10 countries is: USA, England, Japan, Germany, Canada, France, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Australia. (The list is given in the screen).Those who prepared the list note that the USA universities are most state supported.

I presenter: Three main principles are marked while preparing the list:

- Quality of education.
How many graduates from these universities had received the Nobel and Fields prizes are taken into account. This factor takes 10% in total evaluation.

- Quality of Faculty.
Two main factors are paid attention here: how many staff from scientific team of the University had received Nobel Prize and Fields medal, 21 researchers referring to wide subject category (medicine, public sciences, and engineering etc fields) on high level. Each of from these factors gets 20% of share in total evaluation.

- Capacity of Institute.
Academic activity on capacity of institute. Scientific articles and studies occupy main place here. This factor occupies 10% of total evolution.

II presenter: but is it possible that small countries like Azerbaijan will be listed in such ratings? The fact the Ireland and India is represented in this list with 3 universities; the small or big number of population does not play any role here. Our question will be addressed to rector of Khazar University, professor Hamlet İsakhanlı. Hamlet muallim, welcome to our studio. How do you think, is it real that higher institution of Azerbaijan will get such level in near future?

Hamlet İsakhanlı:

I presenter: Hamlet muallim, on which education system does Khazar University function?

Hamlet İsakhanlı:

II presenter: In all developed countries universities function as scientific research and independent entities. Because scientific research is at the same time is an activity of studying of novelties and self development. In Israel 6 million people disseminate per one year 9 thousands 167 articles, in Sweden 7 million population disseminate 13 thousand 605 scientific article. But in Turkey 75 million people disseminate per year just 3 thousand 774 scientific articles. But our attempt to find out some statistics in Azerbaijan was failed. What is the situation in your university?

Hamlet İsakhanlı:

I presenter: What can you say about the project of New Education law?

Hamlet İsakhanlı:

II presenter: What do you think, what modern education system can be acceptable for Azerbaijan?

Hamlet İsakhanlı:

III part:

Link with Turkey: Economic aspects of modern education systems - 7 min.

IV part

1. Representative of Ministry of Educationi____________________________
2. Chairman of Education Commission of Milli Mejlis_____________________

I presenter (question to representative Ministry of Education): How many people work in education sector and how many percentage does this figure comprise in total structure of people working in the country?


II presenter: But how many percentage does make the funds allotted for education in the budget of the country?


I presenter: Let’s make one such comparison: 70% of the capital investments in Azerbaijan is directed to oil sector. 65 thousand people work in this sector. This figure comprises 2% from total structure of working people. What can you say while matching the relevant figures with education sector?


II presenter: Last year India just earned 300 billion dollars in the software area. That is India earned 10 times more incomes just per one year compared to incomes of Azerbaijan from Contract of the Century for 30 years. The world experience shows that the science turned to fifth and basic factor of production. Huge investments are made in this sector. And what about the Azerbaijan?


I presenter: How many academicians, professors, doctors and candidates of sciences are in Azerbaijan, can you reveal statistics?


I presenter:


II presenter: About 400-500 computers come to per 1000 people in the world. That is, one computer per two men. But in Azerbaijan 29 computers come to 1000 people. If investments in IT in developed countries comprises 5-6% of the national income, but in Azerbaijan this figure respectively makes 0.001-0.002%. What do you think, is it worth to compare these figures?


I presenter: (addressed to Chairman of Education Commission): Shamsaddin muallim, What does the New education law intend in new project for elimination of these problems?


II presenter: In general, this law is kept in files of Milli Mejlis since many years. What is the reason of its non-acceptance?


I presenter: What modern standards does the New Project fit?


II presenter: (addressed to representative of Ministry of Education): What can you say about the Bologna process that joined by Azerbaijan?


I presenter: How Azerbaijan observes the principles of Bologna process?


II presenter: Recently the Student admission Committee had carried out one survey and declared that the school leaving certificate have subjective marks and to pass to Uniform Testing System in short time will not be possible? Do you agree with that?


I presenter: (question to Chairman of Education Commission) though the New education law is not adopted yet there is certain double administration. The bachelor degree is considered as uncompleted higher education. Along with magistrate there is post graduate study as well. How the Law project will regulate it?


II presenter: If the New Education law was given to any foreign expert for getting opinion?


I presenter: My question is addressed to both of you: In general, do you feel some need in re-working of project anew?



II presenter: Finally I have one question: Does the present situation in education system of Azerbaijan promise anything optimistic for near future?


Final opinion from presenters " 3 min”.

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