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In literature area:

1. Rasmiyya Sabir, poet, researcher in the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan;
2. Tehran Alishanoglu, critic, researcher in the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan;
3. Rafiq Tagi, prose-writer;
4. Ali Akber, poet-translator;
5. Aqil Abbas, MP, publicist, editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Adalat”;
6. Arif Amrahoglu, critic-translator; Secretary of the AWU (Azerbaijan Writers Union);
7. Tofiq Abdin, poet- publicist.

In cinema area:

1. Elkhan Qasimov, producer, chairman of the Trade Union of Azerbaijan film studio named after J.Jabbarli;
2. Abbas Aliyev, secretary of the cinematography union of Azerbaijan;
3. Ismayil Mammadov, young producer;
4. Vagif Mustafayev, producer, first deputy of the Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan;
5. Hamida Omarova, actress, popular artist, Chair head of Azerbaijan State Arts University;
6. Ayaz Salayev, producer, film critic;
7. Aydin Kazımov, Cinema historian and film critic,

In television area:

1. Elshad Guliyev, TV critic, philologist, chairman of the enlightenment, culture and information centre "Bilik";
2. Gulu Maharramli, TV expert, political commentator, Head director of the "Sahar" program of Azerbaijan TV;
3. Zeynal Mammadli, member of the monitoring group on press and MASS-MEDIA of the European Council and senior teacher of the faculty of TV-Radio journalism of Baku State University;
4. Intigam Hajili, TV critic, writer;
5. Aydin Dadashov, professor, teacher of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University;
6. Sevda Sultanova, culture writer of the "525 qazet";
7. Tunzala Babayeva, art critic, culture writer of the newspaper of "Khazar".

In music area:

1. Aygun Samadzade, composer, chief of the music department of ITV (Public Television);
2. Elchin Alibeyli, art critic, editor of the company “SOY”;
3. Qasım Sheikh, music expert, department head of the Baku Music Academy;
4. Qazanfar Abbasov, teacher of the National Conservatory;
5. Firudin Allahverdi, composer, holder of a master's degree of the Baku Music Academy;
6. Baba Vaziroglu, writer, author of music lyrics;
7. Sevda Babayeva, art critic, culture writer of the "Hefte ichi" newspaper.
In area of MASS-MEDIA and publication:

1. Sharif Agayar, editor-in-chief of the "Kino+" newspaper;
2. Afiq Mirzabeyli, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Reytinq";
3. Akif Ashirly, editor-in-chief of the "Sharq" newspaper;
4. Nariman Yaqublu, Candidate of Historical Sciences, teacher of Baku State University;
5. Rashad Majid, editor-in-chief of "525-ci qazet";
6. Faiq Balabeyli, editor-in-chief of the newspaper of "Yeni Khabar";
7. Javanshir Hasanli, editor-in-chief of the newspaper of "Khalq Jabhasi".

In the areas of Politics, state administration and legislation:

1. Khagani Has, Ankara State University, Doctor of political sciences;
2. Iqbal Agazade, MP, chairman of the party "Umid";
3. Elkhan Shukurlu, political scientist, vice-president of the party «Adalat";
4. Qabil Huseynli, political scientist, deputy chief of the "Müsavat" party;
5. Sabir Rustamkhanli, MP, chairman of the Civic Solidarity Party;
6. Zardusht Alizade, political scientist;
7. Aydin Mirzazade, MP, Member of the political council of New Azerbaijan Party.

In area of NGO (Non-Governmental Organization):

1. Eldaniz Guliyev, film dramatist, chairman of Azerbaijan People Intellectual Movement;
2. Kamran Maharramli, chairman of the social unity for Free Society;
3. Alimammed Nuriyev, president of the investigation fund "Constitution";
4. Gorkhmaz Ibrahimli, Chairman of the social unity "Biosphere";
5. Maharram Zulfuqarli, executor director of the Azerbaijan National investigating association;
6. Aydin Kerimov, President of the independent legal centre;
7. Elza Alishova, Chairman of the electing women league.

In area of human rights:

1. Intigam Aliyev, chairman of the legal enlightenment society;
2. Annagı Hacıbeyli, president of the Azerbaijan Lawyers’ Association;
3. Arzu Abdullayeva, chief of the Azerbaijani representation of the Helsinki Citizen Assembly;
4. Chingiz Dadashov, lawyer-expert;
5. Anar Mammadli, director of the election monitoring centre;
6. Leyla Yunus, Chief of the “Peace and Democracy Institute”;
7. Nadir Adilov, Chairman of the unity of young lawyers.

In economy and private sector:

1. Ali Masimov, MP, scholar-economist;
2. Qubad İbadoglu, candidate of economic sciences, chairman of the Centre of Economical Investigations;
3. Shamil Karamov, coordinator of the working group “Development of non-oil sector” of Council of entrepreneurs under the President of AR;
4. İsa Bagırov, financer former minister of taxes;
5. Yashar Mammadov, financer, director of the Khazar branch of "TekhnikaBank";
6. Arif Asadov, businessman;
7. Akber Eldaroglu, teacher of the University of "Odlar Yurdu".

In area of science –education and technologies:

1. Niyazi Mehdi, Doctor of philosophical sciences, professor;
2. Vilayat Hajiyev, dean of the faculty of translation of Azerbaijan Languages University;
3. Talıb Atakishiyev, adviser of the chairman of DAK (World Congress of Azerbaijanis) on information technologies;
4. Gorkhmaz Efendiyev, IT specialist, teacher of Baku Educating Center of Ministry of Economic Development;
5. Rovshan Hajiyev, Candidate of philosophical sciences, researcher of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan;
6. Rafail Ahmadli, Candidate of philosophical sciences, senior researcher of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan;
7. Nazim Aliyev, director of the firm "ProNET" of computer, programming and telecommunication equipments.

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