International Award


What factor pushes the globalization?

I "Golden Ball" International Award
The Regulations

1.The award was set up for purposes of popularize the idea of the globalization in Azerbaijan society; to evaluate official and social organizations, which make Azerbaijan closer to the world, including persons of science, culture, politics and public figures.
2. The award is presented on 10 areas (15 nominations).
3. The award is presented once per year at the end of December.
4. The organization committee (OC) of the award is formed by administrative personnel (AP) of the QASİM.
5. Personal structure of the OC may be formed of members of AP, chiefs of departments, including members of QASİM.
6. Structure of OC consists of 7 persons.
7. Chairman of the OC is elected by majority of simple votes among from OC members.
8. Each member of the OC has a right to offer own candidate for each nomination.
9. The offered candidates are allowed to voting at OC, and candidates acquired simple majority are allowed to the competition.
10. Selection of winners among from candidates participating at competition is done by Members of OC and Group of Experts.
11. Group of Experts (GE) is selected by OC consisting of 7 persons for each (or few) nomination.
12. Definition of winner is carried out by point system.
13. Vote of each OC and GE member is evaluated at 10 points and 10 points can be given to one candidate or be shared among few candidates;
14. The candidate scoring more points is elected.
15. Winners are rewarded with special diploma and little globe.

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