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What factor pushes the globalization?

1. Realized projects

Golden ball international award was established for popularizing the idea of globalizing in Azerbaijan society; to evaluate official and public organizations making Azerbaijan closer to the world, including science, culture, technology, human rights and law, non-government organizations, management and activity principles, as well as mass media, at the same time politicians and statesmen.

GLOBAL Library. It is intended to publish books covering every year different areas, subjects and problems in the framework of this project. The purpose is to present the existing newest and diffuse scientific, culturological approaches and to introduce the manners of new look to the community, to achieve serious scientific-conceptual discussions. These are books named “Towards Globalization”, “Azerbaijan economy located in the new world”, “Globalization and foreign investments”, “Capitalism does not look like capitalism”.

SATURDAY CLUB. The purpose of creation of the project is to reveal different and new approaches of specialists to different subjects and problems, to systematize them and to bring to the agenda.

“The New economy” monthly business–economic journal is published in 2 languages- in Azerbaijani and English. Researches on themes like reports on various economic fields in the Caucasus and the world and economic analysis, social problems, financial security, company management, credit needs for development of entrepreneurship, energy sector, the role of women in economic life, revival of economy, benefiting of geographical facilities of the tourism, insurance, education, science century, development of IT etc. subjects were carried out regularly, and a lot of place was given for interviews with well-known businessmen, foreign experts, economist-scholars, representatives of government and international finance organizations.

“The New Economy” News Agency, being a 1st economic agency in3 languages, Russian, English and Azerbaijani had started its activity since October 1 and has placed latest economic- social events occurring in the world and in our country in" website. It functioned from October 01, 2007 to November 28, 2007. site functions as global news site being renewed every day in 3 languages, in Azerbaijani, English, and Russian languages. Website also disseminates information connected to Public Unity QASİM and all projects implemented by the Unity. It has begun activities on July 01, 2005 and continues presently.

2. Projects intended for implementation:

You will find replies in book on European Union from A to Z, What is the EU, How to join EU? What are happening in EU?. Why world countries are so eager to join the EU, as well as other useful and harmful sides of membership of EU and this book will be full book of information about the European Union.

“Satan of the century” USA, Oil and Dollar (Jenk Pala). This book was published in some foreign countries, especially in Turkey and the USA. The author had given a right of publication of this book in Azerbaijan to QASIM and as it was published in Azerbaijan some special sections were added here for Azerbaijani readers and these additions of the author are intended just for Azerbaijani citizens. As it is seen from the name of book the life is dependent on this trio, and as this trio is considered like superpowers in the world and the book narrates about the greatness of this trio. Jenk Pala: Dr. Jenk Pala worked as economist and strategy expert in management of Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline, in BOTAS International Ltd., in the dept of Interpretational Projects. Since September, 2001 Dr.Pala has been executing duties of Head of Foreign Relations and Strategy and Development dept of BOTAS but since 2004 Dr. Pala is a head of Foreign Relations and Strategy and Development dept of BOTAS.

QASİM addressing to heads of the leading higher schools of the country connected with different lectures on Globalization for university students informs that starting with new academic year it plans to arrange free lectures on different themes for young students of those education centers.
In connection with global events occurring in the world members of the QASIM are mainly youths having educated abroad, with high intellectual potential, having doctor or magisterial degrees in various fields, possessing all-round and different views on events occurring in the world.

Purpose in this project is to increase knowledge of youths in globalization and other fields, as well as to deliver potential of youths of QASIM to society.

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