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Public Unity of “Civil Development Center – Globalizing Azerbaijan” (QASIM)

Public Unity of “Civil Development Center – Globalizing Azerbaijan” (QASIM) has been founded in 15.07.2005. But it was officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan Republic in 26.05.2006 (No: 1106-G11-2108).
Ultimate goal of the QASİM is to prepare proper projects, programs according to standard of modern world in Azerbaijan, to carry out researches.
Within the short period since founding QASİM functions with zeal by arranging some scientific, culturological projects, discussions and conferences in the direction of building of the citizen society. In 2005 it had established “Golden ball” International Award covering areas of culture, science and education, economy, politics, technology, human rights and law, non-governmental organizations, managing and activity principles, as well as mass media and publication and had defined winners on 15 nominations with marks given by 70 experts with including culture area. Purpose in the founding of this prize is to evaluate the intellectual potential of our country and to propagate it. “Saturday Club” discussing problems and various themes functions every week under the QASİM with participation of experts and intellectuals.
One of other big projects of QASİM is to publish of the series of books under the name of "GLOBAL LIBRARY". 4 books have seen published in the frame of this project in 2006. These are books named "Towards Globalization", "Renewed economy of Azerbaijan in the new world", "Globalization and foreign investments", "Capitalism does not look like capitalism”. QASİM will continue the project named «Global Library" in 2007. For this purpose it intends publishing of books covering different areas, subject and problems in the frame of project. Our purpose is to present to the community newest researches of the specialists, manners of different and new looks to problem of Azerbaijan, to bring to Azerbaijan existing newest and spread scientific, culturological approach in the modern world, to achieve serious scientific conceptual discussions.
Other project of QASİM is the journal "The new economy". Ultimate goal of this project is to carry out investigations about social problems, unemployment in Azerbaijan, financial security, credit needs for development of the entrepreneurship, reviving of the industry, to benefit from geographical facilities of ecotourism, problems in the communal area, problems related with housing, insurance, education and other subjects and to enlighten in wide specter the opinions and offers of specialists, expedient reforms implemented in this area by the government, besides opinions of the businessmen, foreign experts, scholars – economists, government representatives, thoughts of the employees of international finance organizations, interview with them.
“The New Economy” economic news website of the ’Public Unity (QASIM) of “Civil Development Center – Globalizing Azerbaijan” informs about economic events occurring in the country and the world. Agency functions in three languages (Azerbaijani, Russian, English) and main objective of the agency is to deliver economical processes happening in Azerbaijan, at the same time to inform population of the country with economical news in the world. webpage of QASİM also functions. In this site information is placed constantly about activities of the QASIM, global processes going in the country and the world. Discussions are carried out on different subjects under FORUM, surveys are held and results of these are placed in the site.

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