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What factor pushes the globalization?


Chairman of "Civil Development center – Globalizing Azerbaijan” (QASIM) Anar Asadov had taken part in scientific-practical conference devoted to “Preparations of newly independent countries in globalization process” in Turkish Istanbul city. Participant himself informed that organizations from 21 countries had taken part in

United Nations has organized the conference on subject “Diversion of globalization towards less developed countries” in Istanbul of Turkey with participation of ministers of foreign affairs of less developed countries. Chairman of QASIM (Globalizing

5th Forum of World Chambers’ Congress of International Trade Chambers has begun its work in Istanbul of Turkey from 4th of July. Chairman of QASIM (Globalizing Azerbaijan – Center for Civil development) and Founder of “Yeni İqtisadiyyat" journal Anar Asadov also takes part in this event.

Scientific-practical conference will be held in Istanbul of Turkey on June 13-14dedicated to theme “Preparation of newly independent countries for globalization”. Some organizations of EU working in area of globalization will take part in this event.

Chairman of QASİM Anar Asadov, being presently in Turkey has held meetings with statesmen, head of different MASS-MEDIA there. And one of such meetings was held in the office of the “Ticarihayat” newspaper. This has been reflected in the page of the newspaper and its Internet site ( .

Anar Asadov, chairman of QASIM (Globalizing Azerbaijan – Center for Civil Development) and founder of "Yeni İqtisadiyyat" journal joined the 5th World Chambers’ Congress arranged in Lutfi Kırdar Conference and fair Palace of Istanbul (Turkey).

Founder of "Yeni İqtisadiyyat” (The New Economy) journal, Chairman of QASİM Anar Asadov had visited Turkey at the end of the last year. Purpose of the visit was meeting with organizations, businessmen, state representatives working in direction of integration of Turkey to European Union, to have talks about problems that Turkey faces in integration to EU and non-repeating of these problems in Azerbaijan.

Chief of the trade chamber Italy-Azerbaijan Mr Domenico Tomaino has visited Civil Development Center “Globalizing Azerbaijan"
Chief of the mentioned Centre Anar Asadov has given wide information connected with activities of QASIM to the guest. During the meeting exchange of views on political-economic issues, trade relations between Italy and Azerbaijan has been carried out.

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