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What factor pushes the globalization?


Today one of the most discussed themes in the world is a globalization. Though many famous thinkers had serious discussion on it and tried to explain problems and perspectives of the new world from one approach but there was a silence in Azerbaijan about it for long time. Centre for Civil development – Globalizing Azerbaijan ( could perform considerable works in this area.

"The state, which is ready for it, gains from the process and those which are not ready turn to victims of this giant process."
Political passions of the society have begun to go cold after parliamentary elections. Like in such circumstances, peoples are more inclined to sear for some novelty in their life, and sights are directed to search of the new forces etc.

New non-governmental organization has entered in the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) space of Azerbaijan recently. We talked with co-chairman of the organization Anar Asadli on reasons of creation and activity perspectives of the entity called Civil development Center

Questions are heard from the readers justly. Being a journal that always felt responsibility before its readers and protecting their interests, we decided to explain the reasons of the suspending of our activities. But we tried to find out answers to questions that disturbed everybody from interview of founder of “The New economy”,

5th Forum of International Chamber of Commerce (DPF) of World Federation of Chambers was held in the Istanbul city of the Turkey from July 4 to 6. This event, which was organized at hosting of Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Exchange Funds (Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliyi (TOBB)) joined 1280

Creation of Strategic Research Centre under the president is the necessary useful and idea. There are research centers on certain number in every developed country that gained positive results in the world. Such centers have great part in economic and social life of the country, too. According to words of Anar Asadli, chairman of Public Unity of “Civil development Center- Globalizing Azerbaijan”

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