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Asadli Anar Asad oglu

Asadli Anar Asad oglu was born in the Zangilan town in 1979. He had received primary education there. After occupation of Zangilan in 1993 by Armenian aggressors he had settled together with his family in Baku city and had finished secondary education in 33th Zangilan secondary school located in the territory of Nasimi district of Baku. In 1996 he had entered law faculty of Ukraine State University and later moved to the jurisprudence faculty of the Tefekkur University. After graduation he had received an education for master's degree on sociology in the Baku State University, with specialty lawyer–sociologist. He served in Azerbaijan national army during 2002-2003.
Anar Asadli had distinguished with active participation in political processes since 1996, had systematically taken part with scientific-publicist articles in the press, he had striven to influence to the modern social–political relations of Azerbaijan with specific and innovation attitudes and thoughts in the positive way. Presently he is a Chairman of Public Unity "Civil Development Center of Globalizing Azerbaijan" (QASIM), established by more than 50 specialists who studied in the European countries like Turkey, France, Germany, England as well as USA and Canada. He had represented Azerbaijan decently in the international symposiums held in the a few countries, Turkey, France, Germany including summit of the young political leaders of the CIS countries held in the Soci city of the Russia in September, 2005.
He is married, having 2 children.

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