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Chairman of QASİM has rewarded Chairman of DAK Mr Jawad Derakhti with honorary diploma

In connection with II congress of World Azerbaijanis chairman of the DAK – Congress of World Azerbaijanis have met in the office with management of QASIM. Jawad Derakhti was accompanied in the meeting by 1st deputy of DAK Rahim Shahbazi, head of Press service of DAK Ali Nijat, advisor of the chairman on IT Talib Atasoy.
QASIM was represented in the meeting by co-chairman of the organization Anar Asadbeyli, members of the Managing Board doctor of economics Akbar Eldaroglu, doctor of theology Shahin Ahmedoglu, and head of Public relations dept Alovsat Khaliqverdiyev and head of economy dept Rashadat Akhundov.
Matters of future collaboration between DAK and QASİM were discussed in the meeting and authorities were given to A.Nijat by DAK and A.Khaliqverdiyev by QASIM for preparing of the primary protocol on collaboration.
Finally co-chairman of the QASİM A.Asadbeyli has presented the honorary diploma of the organization to DAK chairman Javad Derakhti for his services in development of the Azerbaijani Diaspora.

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