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What factor pushes the globalization?


Poem of Osvaldo de Riveron «Legend of development»

In the popular book of the author the reasons of non-joining of many countries to modern globalization were studied deeply. The former diplomat emphasizes advantages of globalization in addition to great financial crisis, and brings in forefront the speculative parts that turned the international financial system to one global “casino”
The most courageous conclusion made by author in the book is a prognosis of failure of many countries at result of hard competition caused by globalization and trying to develop thanks to support of IMF, WB, WTO and called today as "countries in development” .
In opinion of O.Rivero, the only way for poor countries to survive is transfer by them to knowledge and technology era.
It was widely spoken about peculiarities of book at discussion. IT specialist Talıb Atakishiyev had made a definite parallel between Azerbaijani reality and ideas of O.Rivero and expressed his thoughts related to future of our country. Head expert of the Saturday club Akber Eldaroglu also considered that to tackle such deep problems at today’s hard situation of Azerbaijani science as impossible. In his opinion, unless deep and rapid reforms were not implemented in country there is no base to talk optimistically.
At the end of discussion the importance of often organizing of the discussion of such kind intellectual books was emphasized specially.

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