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The discussion was held in International Press Center on theme “Influence of Media sector on economic development” arranged by "Center for Civil Development – Globalizing Azerbaijan” (QASIM)
Co-chairman of the QASİM Anar Asadov opened the measure and told: "Center for Civil Development – Globalizing Azerbaijan” organizes the discussion of the some themes with participation of the specialists on regular basis during one year of its establishment and delivers them to attention of the community. As a usual we carry out such discussions at “Saturday Club” functioning at our Center but this time our theme was closely linked with media so we decided to hold this event with participation of Mass media in larger format. It is not accidental that media is called 4th authority. Its influence in the politics, economy, social processes are easy to feel. But what role does the media play and may play in elimination of these problems and development of this sector? Our purpose in organizing the discussion was to find answer of this question, too. Our theme is called “Influence of Media sector on economic development”. Doctor of economic Sciences, Chief scientific advisor of QASIM, professor Zahid Mamedov will report on the theme and them other participants of the event can share their views on the theme.”
Greeting the participants of the event professor Z.Mamedov began its report with the question “Why media still remains the most urgent economical sector": While growth of GDP in developed countries for 1985-2000 years was 4-5% the investments directed to media sector were increased for 50-60%. Media sector already take important place in economical theories. Because, media is one of the most important tools in forming of the economical thinking. Investigations prove that economical processes in the modern world were subjected to influence from factors leaning on emotions rather than rational decisions. The influence of the media is such kind". Further the reporter had brought numerous examples from European countries and USA to show influence of the media on economical processes, too. At result of skeptic approach of European newspapers to Euro at initial stages the sharp decrease of value of this currency against the dollar was observed. Naturally, it was a result of emotional approach of media to the case but not a result of any fundamental decision.
Z.Mammadov showed the minority of the professional economy writers as one of numerous reasons of the less feeling of influence of newspapers in economic development in Azerbaijan.
The MP Vahid Ahmedov informed that economy gained leading position in the world compared to other areas and that the same process had already started in Azerbaijan, too: Politics of definite political revolts etc had taken out politics to leading position in early of 90-es. But economy has already got more important position here today. But media does not feel it yet. For instance, programs on politics, show and kitchen take much place in our televisions. Functioning of big economic projects in Azerbaijan directs looks of the people to economy from the politics gradually. After very few years very small number of people will be interested in politics in the country. Media must be ready to this, too. For instance, if to write on budget, one should be able to analyze it, too»
Popular TV journalist Gulu Maharramli emphasized that the media in Azerbaijan can not influence to any processes in Azerbaijan: But its reason is linked with conditions of press. Let me inform you one sad fact: only 3 percentages of Azerbaijan population receive information from newspapers today. For comparison I must say that “Zaman" daily newspaper in the Turkey has 470 circulations. And it is two times more than circulation of all newspapers in Azerbaijan. But we should not be pessimistic, too. There are good economical writers here, too; they touch very urgent issues. Simply, it is not systematic. In general, misfortune here is that there is no importance given to writing of the journalist today. Journalist needs a stimulus, too.
Editor of the newspaper "Milli yol” Elnur Astanbeyli informed that relations of authority and media were not formed right". Economical areas in the country are under monopoly. They already build they work in a different way. They think that if they paid for necessary places in time, there is no importance of what press writes. If economy in Azerbaijan will not be transparent, then it is lawful to talk about influence of media on it”
Co-chairman of the QASİM A.Asadov had reminded a fact that one columnist of Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” had been transferred to another newspaper “Sabah” against 1 million 150 thousands euros and once more focused on question what value is given to columnist, journalist in Azerbaijan and gave a floor for speech to well-known columnist Haji Zamin.
H.Zamin informed about absence of educated economical writers and expressed his attitude to above said words: I would put the question in another way "Do we have scientists knowing the economy? What conceptual, fundamental books have been written recently? I have studied myself in economics, but no one author of books taught to us was Azerbaijani. On the other hand, we do not know still what economical model do we have. Did we specify it?”
But other participant of the event Aydin Khan over-emphasized situation in Azerbaijan journalism with one sentence: "Editor in chiefs in Azerbaijan drive 4x4 wheels but journalist can’t find a money to travel by metro".

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