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Next meeting of Saturday Club at QASIM was held in April 15. Present theme of the discussion was "Book market in Azerbaijan and its problems”. Discussion was attended by co-chairman of the QASİM Anar Asadbeyli and executive director Zahir Azamat, head expert of the Saturday Club doctor of economics Akbar Eldaroglu, professor Zahid Mamedov, chairman of the organization of New writers and Artists, writer culturologist Aydin Khan, editor-in-chief of “World literature” journal, poet-translator Salim Babullaoglu.
Participants have explained reasons of forming a book market in Azerbaijan from different foreshortenings, and had interesting discussion. Economist A.Eldaroglu connected the problems of book market with of the absence of the demand. Then the Turkish experience was shown and it was informed that book shops have prevalence there in the surroundings of the each university. But in Azerbaijan there is no one library at around the universities, only doner (fast food) are available here in abundance".
Prof. Z.Mammadov called it absurdity that despite of growing of number of universities, students, newspapers and TV-s in many times compared to soviet period but the book market is in deep crisis. As per his opinion always textbooks were prevailed among all sold books but in Azerbaijan the situation is vice-versa. "From other side ignorance of educated persons in country and making good carrier by uneducated kills interest to knowledge and books. If Azerbaijani man sees that by reading book, mastering the knowledge his life only will be changed towards the goodness, then book market would be developed.
S. Babulloglu showed the corruption, which reigns in the country, as principal cause which stands in the root of the problem.
A.Khan and Z.Azamat touched the legal side of the problem and offered some proposals in this regard. According to their opinion, the law on publishing houses should be developed anew, special law on dissemination should be adopted, publishing houses should be exempted from VAT, long-term and non- interest credits must be allocated separated. But on one condition: “Publishing houses must take definite liabilities lawfully, too. They should built a distribution system, to bring high technology to the country and should undertake to publish annually books of approximately 20 percentages of the general turnover on own account, too. Then this process will move on self”

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